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Indian Mutual Fund :: Investment :
To counter inflation and higher long term returns

Diversifying your investments has always been a prudent strategy. Mutual funds help you to truly diversify your investment portfolio by offering investment opportunities in equities, debt and combinations of the two. In the long term returns from Mutual funds are the ideal way to beat the impact of inflation especially in the Indian Market.

It is always advisable to spread your investments & invest a part in Mutual Funds too.

We select mutual funds and advice investors based on quantitative factors such as risk, volatility, returns, as well as qualitative factors such as fund history and investment strategies for Indian Companies. New India Co-Operative Bank Limited offers Mutual Fund products of all the leading Indian Asset Management companies through all our CBS branches. Our AMFI Certified marketing officers are at hand to help you plan your investments based on your risk profile, financial goals and investment capability.

Benefits of Mutual Fund Investments :
  • Flexibility in money management - With features such as systematic investment, systematic withdrawals and dividend reinvestment, the Mutual Funds offer you flexible ways to invest with the option of quick liquidity.
  • Affordability - with units being sold for as little as Rs. 10/- Mutual fund makes investing affordable. Since it pools the investments of many people, even small investors benefit from the investment expertise and knowledge of the Fund managers.
  • Liquidity - with open ended schemes, you have the option to reclaim your corpus at any time at the given NAV.
  • Diversification of Risk - by investing in a pool of equities and/or debt instruments, the risk is minimised.
  • Professional Management

* Please read all our terms & conditions before making any investments directly or through NICB