Term Deposit Accounts

Fixed Term Deposits

Safe and Secure way to earn income

New India Co-Operative Bank Limited offers you, your family & friends a variety of Fixed deposits. You can deposit any amount of money starting at a minimum of Rs. 1000/- in your Fixed deposit accounts for durations ranging from 15 days to 10 years.

Traditional Fixed Deposits :

Interest can be paid at monthly, quarterly, half yearly or on yearly rest as per your choice. The maturity period of these fixed deposits can vary from 15 days to 10 years. Traditional Fixed Deposits provide tax shelter and shield you from interest rate fluctuations over a period of time.

Reinvestment Term Deposits :

You can also choose to reinvest the interest and take advantage of compounding interest by placing your deposits in our Reinvestment deposit scheme.

  • Start with a minimum of Rs. 1000/-
  • Loans up to 95% of the principal and accrued interest (in case of Reinvestment Account).
  • Auto Renewal facility (max 3 times)
  • Nomination facilities available
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Higher interest rates for Senior Citizens